What is CMA Data and How To Prepare CMA Data Required By Bank

Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA) data


Credit Monitoring Arrangement, commonly known as CMA Data is the financial report used by lending institutions to appraise and analyse the financial position of a company before lending. Under the present rules, the Reserve Bank of India has mandated all banks to prepare CMA for lending to large borrowers.


  • Income Tax Returns of the Business and its owners
  • Last 2 years Audited Financial Statements
  • Provisional Financial statement for the year in which we are preparing CMA Data
  • Notes on assumptions used by us while preparing Projected Financial statements
  • Cost sheet of Direct and Indirect expenses
  • Normally in CMA Data, we have to provide 5 Years comparative financial statements


Credit Monitoring Arrangement Data

Particulars as on 31st March 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Actual Actual  Actual Estimated Projected
a) Equity Share Capital          
Other Reserves and P & L          
Tangible Net worth          
Term Liabilities          
  of which Unsecured Loans          
Capital Employed          
Net Block          
Non Current Assets          
of Which Funds Invested outside Business          
Adjusted Tangible Net Worth          
Current Assets          
Cash & Bank          
Deferred receivable post 1 yr          
Advances to suppliers          
Advance payment of tax/VAT/IGST/etc          
Other Current Assets          
Current Liabilities          
Bank Borrowings          
Creditors for purchases          
Advances / payments from customers / deposits from dealers.          
Provisions (Tax & Other)          
Dividends Payable          
Statutory liabilities          
Installments dues          
Other Current Liabilities due within one year          
Net Current Assets          
Capital Deployed          
b) Operational Data          
Gross Sales          
Less: Excise / Sales Tax          
Net Sales          
Of which exports          
Other Operating Income          
Total non-operating Income          
Manufacturing expenses          
Adm. & Selling Expenses          
Net Profit before Tax          
Net Profit After Tax          
Profitability Ratio          
(NP/Sales) %          
Net Profit / Capital Employed          
Stock Turnover ratio (days)          
Debtor Turnover ratio (days)          
Creditors Turnover ratio (days)          
PAT / TNW          
Current Ratio(With TL installments)          
Current ratio without TL          
DE Ratio (TTL/ ATNW)          
DE Ratio (TOL/ATNW)          
Quasi DE Ratio (TOL/TNW)          
Quasi DE Ratio (TTL/TNW)          
Unsecured Loans (Quasi Equity)          
NET WORTH          
Total Debt          
Gross sales          


Download cma data format-CMA Data required by bank



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