SKD & CKD in E-way bill

How to generate e-way bill, if the goods of one invoice is being moved in multiple vehicles simultaneously ?

Where the goods are being transported in a semi knocked down or completely knocked down condition, the EWB shall be generated for each of such vehicles based on the delivery challans issued for that portion of the consignment as per CGST Rule 55 which provides as under:

(a) Supplier shall issue the complete invoice before dispatch of the first consignment;

(b) Supplier shall issue a delivery challan for each of the subsequent consignments, giving reference of the invoice;

(c) eachconsignment shall be accompanied by copies of the corresponding delivery challan along with a duly certified copy of the invoice; and

(d) Original copy of the invoice shall be sent along with the last consignmentPlease note that multiple EWBs are requiredto be generatedin this situation. That is, the EWB has to be generated for each consignment based on the delivery challan details along with the corresponding vehicle number.

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