Income Tax Department conducts searches in Tamil Nadu

Ministry of Finance

The Income Tax Department carried out searches on 14.12.2020 in a group case from Erode in Tamil Nadu, covering 15 premises at Erode and Chennai. The group is a leading civil contractor for Government works, specialised in erecting Seawave breaks along the coastlines and diversified into bus transport, running marriage halls and food masala business.

The highlight of the search is seizure of Rs. 21 crore of unaccounted cash. It was found that the group indulges in inflation of purchases and other work contract expenses. Such inflated payments made to the suppliers and subcontractors are received back in cash regularly. The unaccounted income thus generated comes to around Rs. 700 crore, which is ploughed back into real estate investments and business expansion. Out of this, the assessee has admitted to having undisclosed income of Rs. 150 crore, so far.

Overall there is a detection of Rs. 700 crore of unaccounted income and a seizure of Rs. 21 crore of unaccounted cash as a result of this search.

Further investigations are in progress.


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