Eligibility of ITR5, ITR6 and ITR7

Eligibility of ITR-5

This Form can be used by a person being a firm, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Association
of Persons (AOP), Body of Individuals (BOI), Artificial Juridical Person (AJP) referred to in clause
(vii) of section 2(31), local authority referred to in clause (vi) of section 2(31), representative as
sessee referred to in section 160(1)(iii) or (iv),Primary Agricultural Credit Society, Co‐
operative Bank other than a primary agricultural credit society or a primary co‐
operative agricultural and rural development bank, Primary Cooperative Agricultural and Rural
Development bank, any other cooperative society, society registered under Societies Registrati
on Act, 1860 or under any other law of any State, trust other than trusts eligible to file Form IT
R7, estate of deceased person, estate of an insolvent, business trust referred to in section 139(
4E) , investments fund referred to in section 139(4F) and Any other AOP /BOI.
However, a person who is required to file the return of income under section 139(4A) or 139(4
B) or 139(4D)shall not use this form.

Eligibility of ITR-6

This Return Form can be used by a company as per section 2(17) of the Income Tax Act, This for
m is filed by company other than a company which is required to file return in Form ITR‐
7. As per section 2(17) of Income Tax Act, companymeans: ‐ (i)
Indian Company (Domestic Company) (ii)
Body corporate incorporated by or under the laws of country outside India (iii)
Any institution, association or body, whether incorporated or not & whether Indian or No
n‐Indian which is declared by general or special order of the board to be company, etc.

Eligibility of ITR-7

ThisReturnFormcanbeusedbypersonsincludingcompanieswhoarerequired tofurnishreturnunder
section139(4A)orsection139(4B)orsection139(4C)orsection 139(4D).

The category of persons whose income is unconditionally exempt under various clauses of
section10,and who are not mandatorily required to furnish their return of
income undertheprovisionsofsection139,mayusethisformforfilingreturn.Anindicativelistof such
persons is givenbelow:‐

Sl.no Category of personsExempt under section
Local authoritySection 10(20)
2.Regimental Fund or Non‐public Fund established by
the Armed forces of the Union
Section 10(23AA)
3.Fund, by whatever name called, set up by the Life
lnsurance Corporation (LIC) of India on or after 1st
August, 1996, or by any other insurer
Section 10(23AAB)
Authority (whether known as the Khadi and Village
Industries Board or by any other name)
Section 10(23BB)
Body or Authority Section 10(23BBA)

SAARC Fundfor Regional Projects set up by
Colombo Declaration
Section 10(23BBC)
Section 10(23BBE)
Central Electricity Regulatory Commission Section 10(23BBG)
Prasar BharatiSection 10(23BBH)
10.Prime Minister's National Relief FundSection 10(23C)(i)
11.Prime Minister's Fund (Promotion of Folk Art)Section 10(23C)(ii)
12.Prime Minister's Aid to Students Fund Section 10(23C)(iii)
13.National Foundation for Communal HarmonySection 10(23C)(iiia)
14.Swachh Bharat Kosh Section 10(23C)(iiiaa)
15.Clean Ganga Fund Section 10(23C)(iiiaaa)

Downlaod- Eligibility of ITR 6 , 7, 8 (1)

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