Delhi E way bill limit – intra state limit

Notification no-03/2018 dt. 15.06.2018

In the exercise of the powers conferred by clause (d) of sub-rule (14) of rule 138 of the Delhi Goods and Services Tax Rules, 2017, and in supersession of notification No. F. No. 3(134)/PolicyGST/2018/1626-36 dated 28/03/2018, I, H. Rajesh Prasad, Commissioner, State Tax, in consultation with the Chief Commissioner of Central Tax, do hereby notify that the no e-Way Bill in respect of movement of goods originating and terminating within the State of Delhi (intra-State movement but without passing through any other State) shall be required where the consignment value does not exceed Rs.1,00,000/- (rupees one lakh only).

Further, all goods, irrespective of any value, the supply of which is from the registered business place of a taxable person to an unregistered end consumer, and the movement is accompanied by an invoice issued under Sec 31 of the Delhi Goods & Services Tax Act shall also be exempted from the requirement of e-Way Bill for intra-State movement.

However, documents such as tax invoices, bills of supply, vouchers, delivery challan, or bill of entry, as the case may be, shall be required to be carried even in respect of consignments exempted from intra-State e-Way Bill.

2. This Notification shall come into force with effect from the 16th day of June 2018.

3. Notification No. F. No. 3(134)/Policy-GST/2018/1626-36 dated 28/03/2018 is hereby rescinded

All States E-Way bill limit (Intra State limit)    State Name    Reference
1 Andra Pradesh
2 Arunachal Pradesh
3 Assam
4 Bihar
5 Chhattisgarh
6 Goa
7 Gujarat
8 Haryana
9 Himachal Pradesh
10 Jammu and Kashmir
11 Jharkhand
12 Karnataka
13 Kerala
14 Madhya Pradesh
15 Maharashtra
16 Manipur
17 Meghalaya
18 Mizoram
19 Nagaland
20 Orissa
21 Punjab
22 Rajasthan
23 Sikkim
24 Tamil Nadu https://rt
25 Telangana
26 Tripura
27 Uttaranchal
28 Uttar Pradesh
29 West Bengal
30 Andaman and nicobar islands
31 Chandigarh
32 dadar and nagar haveli
33 Daman and Diu https://rtsprofessionalstudy. com/2019/02/08/daman-and-diu-e-way-bill-limit-intra-state-limit/
34 Delhi
35 Lakshadeep
36 Pondicherry
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