Notification No.OS 01 2021

DGIT(S)-ADG(S)-3/ e-Filing Notification/Form34BB/ 20211
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Central Board 01 Direct Tax
Directorate 01 Income Tax (Systems), New Delhi
Notification No.OS 01 2021

New Delhi, the 24thMay,2021

Procedure for exercise of option under sub-section (1) of section 245M and intimation thereof by
furnishing and upload 01 Form No. 34BB under sub-rule (1)01 Rule 44DAol Income-lax Rules, 1962
In exercise 01 the powers conlerred by the Department 01 Revenue, Ministry 01 Finance, under sub-rule (3)
and sub-rule (4) 01 Rule 44DA 01 thelncome-tax Rules, 1962 (‘the Rules’), theDirector General of Income Tax
(Systems) hereby specify the following procedures:
2. Furnishing and upload of Form No. 34BB to exercise option under sub-section (1) 01 section 245M – 2
step procedure:
Stepl: Provide basic details for assessees intending to exercise option under sub-section (1) of section
i. The assessee who wish to exercise option for withdrawal applicationfiled u/s 245C and such
application is pending, shall first provide the basic details in following format on the form placed at
PAN designer/nie form selector.ohp?form id=:enRhYmxlNjA2Z0My
N2RiNTgOZTlwMjEwNDA3MzE=(short URL The details of the link has
also been made available on E-Filing portal of the Department: (
also on . www incometax ~ov in with effect from 7 th June 2021)

PAN Name of Date 01 filing Bench 01 PCIT Email
the AY application Applicat Settlement (in the format id
uls 245C
ian No.
AYdate of filing application u/s245cApplication No.Bench of settlement commissionPCIT
(in the format PCIT-xx, place
Email Id

ii. In case there are more than one assessment year for which the application for settlement u/s 245C
is made, the assessee shall provide only the 1″ year under AY column in above table. In case of block
assessment, the assessment year to be provided shall be the 1″ year of the block.
iii. The details shall be provided by 15-June-2021.
iv. Based on these details, a system generated letter shall be generated through ITBA System to the
assessee on his e-filing accountrequiring the assessee to upload signed printout of Form No. 34BB.
The assessee should be a registered user on the E-filing Portal of the Department to proceed further.
Step2:UpIoacI of signed copy of Form No_ 34BB on E-liII”, Portal of the Department:
i. The assessee, to whom intimation to upload Form No. 34BB is generated, shall upload scanned
printout of Form No. 34BB, duly verified as per sub-rule (2) of Rule 44DA of the RuleS,online on the
.. Filing portal of the Department:
Page 10f2
• ii. The assessee is required to login into the e-Filing portal: using their valid
iii. A link for upload of Form No. 34BBhas been provided under e-Filing portal:
7 Login using User name and password 7 Select e-proceedings Tab 7 Select ‘Furnishing of Form
34BB’ 7 upload scanned printout of the Form.
iv. The sca nned printout of the Form should be in pdf format with a scan clarity of 300 DPI.
v. The form can be submitted by clicking on “Submit” button.
vi. The assessee shall upload signed printout of the Formwithin the date specified under sub-section (1)
of section 245M. The date of upload of signed printout of the Form shall be the date on which such
application is withdrawn.
3. Viewing submitted Forms
The submitted Form would be available for view and download by going to 7Login
using User name and password 7Select e-proceedings Tab 7 ‘Furnishing of Form 34BB’ ->Select ‘View
4. Submission to the Assessing Officer.-
Online submission of Form No. 3488 in the 2 stepmanner prescribed herein would be treated as submission
to the Assessing Officer as per sub-section (1) of section 245M of the Act.
5. Instructions/FAQs to provide details of pending application and upload signed printout
are available on the e-Filing Portal.

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