MHA order, with Revised Consolidated Guidelines (Corona virus)

Government of India has decided to restart economic activities in many parts of the country from 20.04.2020. The Government order containing the detailed list of permissible activities is given in the following link:
Click here to view MHA order dt 15.04.2020, with Revised Consolidated Guidelines

You are requested to go through the above guidelines to know what kind of activities have been allowed.

All precautionary measures should be taken to prevent Corona virus infection in your units. The workers should continuously wear masks in the workplace, regularly wash hands with soaps and use sanitizers, and keep at least 1meter distance from other workers. If any worker develops symptoms or falls sick, it must be immediately reported to the Health authorities.

The workers and their family members may also download ‘Aarogya Setu’ app which will help them to fight Corona virus.

With best wishes,
Ministry of MSME

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