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Contribution of logistics sector in overall GDP is not compiled at present.  However, sector-wise Gross Value Added (GAV) for the last three years is given below:

(Value in Rs Crore)





At current prices

(3rd RE)


(2nd RE)


(1st RE)

1 Railways 1,23,596 1,35,477 1,36,807
2 Road Transport 5,36,552 5,65,438 4,47,164
3 Water Transport 13,059 13,350 13,418
4 Air Transport 12,730 22,508 10,323
5 Services incidental to transport 1,03,341 1,03,301 98,710
6 Storage 18,597 19,513 19,628
7 Total GVA 1,71,75,128 1,83,55,109 1,80,57,810

(source: National Accounts Division, M/o Statistics and Programme Implementation)

(RE:  Revised Estimates)

Government has approved PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan for providing multimodal connectivity to economic zones. It depicts the economic zones and the infrastructure linkages required to support them with an objective to holistically integrate all the multimodal infrastructural projects and remove infrastructural gaps for seamless movement of people and goods. PM Gati Shakti is a transformative approach for economic growth and sustainable development. The approach encompasses development of infrastructure for economic transformation, seamless multimodal connectivity and logistics efficiency. World class modern infrastructure and logistics synergy are expected to help raise productivity and accelerate economic growth & development. Physical linkages so created are expected to promote comprehensive and integrated national network of transportation and logistics, create efficiency gains and avenues for further development, value addition and employment opportunities. Any state Government/Central Ministry/Private Sector, before planning an investment, can know beforehand the status of current multi-modal connectivity for making informed decision.

This information was given by the Minister of State in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Shri Som Parkash, in a written reply in the Lok Sabha today.


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