GoM will be Assisted by the Committee of experts Press Release dt. 22.12.2018

Formation of GoM as Recommended by the GST Council in Its 31st Meeting held on 22.12.2018.

The GST Council in its 31 meeting held today at New Delhi has approved the proposal to form a 7 Member Group of Ministers to study
the revenue trend, including analysing the reasons for structural patterns affecting the revenue collection in some of the States. The study
would include the underlying reasons for deviation from the revenue collection targets vis a vis original assumptions discussed during the
design of GST system, its implementation and related structural issues.

The Group of Ministers will be assisted by the committee of experts from Central Government, State Governments and the NIPFP
(National Institute of Public Finance and Planning), who would study and share the findings with GoM. The GoM in turn would give its
recommendation to the GST Council.

The members of the GoM and the Committee of experts would be announced in due course of time.

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