Computation of GST ITC Refund of ITC Accumulated Due to Inverted Tax Structure| GST Refund


As per cgst rule 89(5)

[(5) In the case of refund on account of inverted duty structure, refund of input tax credit shall be granted as per the following formula:-
Maximum Refund Amount = {(Turnover of inverted rated supply of goods and services) x Net ITC ÷ Adjusted Total Turnover} – tax payable on such inverted rated supply of goods and services.
Explanation:- For the purposes of this sub-rule, the expressions –
(a) ―Net ITC‖ shall mean input tax credit availed on inputs during the relevant period other than the input tax credit availed for which refund is claimed under sub-rules (4A) or (4B) or both; and
[―Adjusted Total turnover‖ and ―relevant period‖ shall have the same meaning as assigned to them in sub-rule (4).]131]132

as per cgst rule 89(4)

[(E) ―Adjusted Total Turnover‖ means the sum total of the value of-
(a) the turnover in a State or a Union territory, as defined under clause (112) of section 2, excluding the turnover of services; and
(b) the turnover of zero-rated supply of services determined in terms of clause (D) above and non-zero-rated supply of services,
(i) the value of exempt supplies other than zero-rated supplies; and
(ii) the turnover of supplies in respect of which refund is claimed under sub-rule (4A) or sub-rule (4B) or both, if any,
during the relevant period.‘]

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